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Full Araquiel Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Moderation commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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Araquiel Discord Bot Described:

Multi-Function bot that features Cards Against Humanity, Image Manipulation, and much more.
Welcome to Araquiel’s Wiki
Important — The default prefix for Araquiel is /. You can change this by doing /set serverprefix (prefix)
Basic Features:
  • Admin Modules
  • Moderator Modules
  • Music Module
  • Economy Module
  • Leveling Module
  • Interaction Module
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Image Manipulation
  • Tool Module
    *NSFW Module
In-depth Features
  • Economy
  • Birthdays
  • Modlog
  • Moderation Commands
  • Leveling
  • Games
  • Starboard
  • Automatic VC Generator
  • SpaceX
  • Discord Status Checker
  • Cookie Store
  • Dueling
  • Counting Channel
  • Casino
  • Cookies & Cookie Shop
  • Role Shop
  • Music
  • Dungeon (Raid Containment Feature)
  • Emoji Reactions
  • Image-Only Channels
  • Image generation (Retrosign!)
  • Trivia
  • Embed Generator
  • Welcome Messages
  • User Flagging
  • Guild Management Tools
  • Emoji Reaction Tools
  • User Shipping
  • Event Maker
  • Interaction Commands
  • Guild Information Tools
  • Color Info Lookup

Sub Commands

  • now [np] — Now playing.
  • pause — Pause and resume.
  • percent — Queue percentage.
  • play — Play a URL or search for a track.
  • playlist — Playlist configuration options.
  • prev — Skip to the start of the previously played track.
  • queue [q] — List the queue.
  • remove — Remove a specific track number from the queue.
  • repeat — Toggle repeat.
  • search — Pick a track with a search.
  • seek — Seek ahead or behind on a track by seconds.
  • shuffle — Toggle shuffle.
  • skip — Skip to the next track.
  • stop — Stop playback and clear the queue.
  • volume — Set the volume, 1% - 150%.
Economy Module
Bank Module
  • daily — Claim your daily reward of $300!
  • bal [balance] — Check how much ? you have!
  • payouts — Show the payouts for the slot machine.
  • slot — Use the slot machine.
  • leaderboard — Print the leaderboard.
Casino Module
  • allin — Bets all your currency for a chance to win big!
  • blackjack — Play a game of blackjack.
  • casino — Interacts with the Casino system.
  • casinoset — Changes Casino settings
  • coin — Coin flip game with a 5050 chance to win.
  • craps — Plays a modified version of craps
  • cups — Guess which cup of three is hiding the coin.
  • dice — Roll a set of dice and win on 2, 7, 11, 12.
  • double — Play a game of Double Or Nothing.
  • hilo — Pick high, low, or 7 in a dice rolling game.
  • war — Play a modified game of war.
  • addcookies — Add cookies to someone.
  • buy — Buy an item from the cookie store.
  • cookie — Get your daily dose of cookies.
  • cookies — Check how many cookies you have.
  • give — Give someone some yummy cookies.
  • inventory — See all items you own.
  • return — Return an item, you will only get 50% of the price.
  • rolecookie — Set cookies for role. If amount isn’t provided, it will show you how much is currently set.
  • setcookie — Set the amount of cookies members can obtain.
  • setcookies — Set someone’s amount of cookies.
  • store — Cookie store.
  • takecookies — Take cookies away from someone.
Cookie Store
  • add — Add a buyable item/role/game key.
  • destock — Destock an existing buyable item.
  • ping — Set the role/member that should be pinged when a member wants to redeem their item.
  • price — Change the price of an existing buyable item.
  • remove — Remove a buyable item/role/game key.
  • reset — Delete all items from the store.
  • resetinventories — Delete all items from all members’ inventories.
  • restock — Restock an existing buyable item.
  • toggle — Toggle store for current server.
Role Shop
  • buyrole — Buy a role.
  • buyroleset — Configuration for buyrole
  • roleprices — Shows prices of roles
Admin Module
Core Admin Section
  • addrole — Add a role to a user.
  • editrole — Edit role settings.
  • removerole — Remove a role from a user.
  • selfrole — Add a role to yourself.
  • sendembed — Sends an embed with specified text.
Message Filter

You can use regexes to filter messages, as well as words or sentences. For sentences, you need to use quotes for that to work.

  • filter — Add or remove words from server filter.
  • filterset — Manage filter settings.
Warning System
  • actionlist — List all configured automated actions for Warnings.
  • reasonlist — List all configured reasons for Warnings.
  • unwarn — Remove a warning from a user.
  • warn — Warn the user for the specified reason.
  • warnaction — Manage automated actions for Warnings.
  • warnings — List the warnings for the specified user.
  • warningset — Manage settings for Warnings.
  • warnreason — Manage warning reasons.
Interaction Commands
  • baka — You baka!
  • boop — Boop!
  • cat — Show a cat GIF
  • cuddle — Cuddles a user!
  • feed — Feeds a user!
  • fortune — What are your chances?
  • gecg — Genetically engineered catgirl memes
  • highfive — Highfives a user!
  • hugs — Hugs a user!
  • kiss — Kiss a user!
  • lick — Licks a user!
  • neko — Show a neko!
  • pat — Pats a user!
  • poke — Pokes a user!
  • slap — Slaps a user!
  • smug — Be smug towards someone!
  • tickle — Tickles a user!
  • waifu — Show a waifu!
Moderation Module
  • ban — Ban a user from this server.
  • hackban — Pre-emptively ban a user from this server.
  • ignore — Add servers or channels to the ignore list.
  • kick — Kick a user.
  • modset — Manage server administration settings.
  • mute — Mute users.
  • names — Show previous names and nicknames of a user.
  • rename — Change a user’s nickname.
  • softban — Kick a user and delete 1 day’s worth of their messages.
  • tempban — Temporarily ban a user from this server.
  • unban — Unban a user from this server.
  • unignore — Remove servers or channels from the ignore list.
  • unmute — Unmute users.
  • userinfo — Show information about a user.
  • voicekick — Kick a member from a voice channel.
  • voiceban — Ban a user from speaking and listening in the server’s voice channels.
  • voiceunban — Unban a user from speaking and listening in the server’s voice channels.
  • purge — Delete specified messages [Example: purge 15]
Leveling Module
  • backgrounds — Gives a list of backgrounds. [p]backgrounds [profile|rank|levelup]
  • badge — Badge configuration options
  • lvladmin — Admin settings.
  • lvlinfo — Gives more specific details about a user’s profile.
  • lvlset — Profile configuration options.
  • profile — Displays a user profile.
  • rank — Displays the rank of a user.
  • rep — Gives a reputation point to a designated player.
  • role — Role configuration.
  • top — Displays the leaderboard.
Tools Module
Reverse Image Search
  • saucenao — Reverse search image via SauceNAO
  • tracemoe — Reverse search image via WAIT
Advanced Commands
  • access — Check channel access
  • banlist — Displays the server’s banlist.
  • cid — Shows the channel ID.
  • cinfo — Shows channel information. Defaults to current text channel.
  • eid — Get an id for an emoji.
  • einfo — Emoji information.
  • inrole — Check members in the role specified.
  • listchannel — List the channels of the current server
  • listguilds — List the guilds|servers the bot is in
  • newusers — Lists the newest 5 members.
  • perms — Fetch a specific user’s permissions.
  • rid — Shows the id of a role.
  • rinfo — Shows role info.
  • sid — Show the server ID.
  • sinfo — Shows server information.
  • uinfo — Shows user information. Defaults to author.
  • whatis — What is it?
Misc Tools
  • getroles — Displays all roles their ID and number of members in order of
  • emoji — Post a large size emojis in chat
  • serverinfo — Show server information.
  • discordstatus — Get current discord status from
Image-Only Channel
  • imageonly — Toggles the channel to me image-only.
Guild Management
  • botstats — Display stats about the bot
  • channeledit — Modify channel options
  • channelstats — Gets total messages in a specific channel as well as the user who said them.
  • getguild — Display info about servers the bot is on
  • getreactions — Gets a list of all reactions from specified message and displays the user ID,
  • getroles — Displays all roles their ID and number of members in order of
  • guildedit — Edit various guild settings
  • listchannels — Lists channels and their position and ID for a server
  • nummembers — Display number of users on a server
  • pruneroles — Perform various actions on users who haven’t spoken in x days
  • serverstats — Gets total messages on the server and displays each channel.
Color Lookup

color — See command group below:

color name (color name)
color hsl (hsl value)
color rgb (rgb value)
color hex (hex value)


Identify expressions and alert staff members when an expression is detected.

  • retrigger — Setup automatic triggers based on regular expressions
Dungeon (Raid-Containment)
  • banish Strip a user of their roles, apply the dungeon role, and blacklist them.
  • dungeon Main dungeon commands – Specified below:
    • announce Sets the announcement channel for users moved to the dungeon.
    • autoban Toggle auto-banning users instead of sending them to the dungeon.
    • autosetup Automatically set up the dungeon channel and role to apply to suspicious users.
    • banmessage Set the message to send on an autoban. If message is left blank, no message will be sent.
    • blacklist Toggle auto-blacklisting for the bot for users moved to the dungeon.
    • channel Sets the text channel to use for the dungeon.
    • dm Set the message to send on successful verification.
    • joindays Set how old an account needs to be a trusted user.
    • modlog Toggle using the Red mod-log for auto-bans.
    • profiletoggle Toggles flagging accounts that have a default profile pic.
    • role Sets the role to use for the dungeon.
    • settings Show the current settings.
    • toggle Toggle the dungeon on or off.
    • userrole Sets the role to give to new users that are not sent to the dungeon.
    • usertoggle Toggle the user role on or off.
    • verify Verify a user: remove the dungeon role and add initial user role.
  • decode — Decode a string.
  • encode — Encode a string.
  • hash — Various hashing commands
Role Management
  • massrole — Commands for mass role management
  • rolebind — Binds a role to a reaction on a message…
  • roleset — Settings for role requirements
  • roleunbind — unbinds a role from a reaction on a message
  • srole — Self assignable role commands
Araquiel Stats
  • bankstats — Show stats of the bank.
  • prefix — Show all prefixes of the bot
  • servercount — Send servers stats of the bot.
  • serversregions — Show total of regions where the bot is.
  • usagecount — Show the usage count of the bot.
Auto VC Generator

Automatically make user generated rooms with configurations you set.

  • autoroomset — Commands for configuring autorooms
  • tempchannelset — Temporary Channel Settings
  • report — Send a report.
  • reportset — Manage Reports.
Event Maker
  • clearevent — Delete a stored event so you can create more
  • event — Create an event
  • eventset — Manage server specific settings for events
  • join — Join an event being hosted
  • leaveevent — Leave an event being hosted
  • removefromevent — Remove a user from an event you’re hosting
  • showevent — Show current event being run by a member
Image Lookup
  • gif — Retrieve the first search result from Giphy.
  • gifr — Retrieve a random GIF from a Giphy search.
  • imgur — Retrieve pictures from Imgur.
Fun Module
  • dare — Dare someone!
  • truth — Ask a truth question to users!
  • wouldyourather [wyr] — Would you rather?
Counting Channel
  • countchannel — Set the counting channel.
  • countgoal — Set the counting goal.
  • countreset — Reset the counter and start from 0 again!

Birthdays are server-based, not global.

  • birthday — Sets your birthday [Example: birthday 12-10 2002]
  • birthdays — List birthdays on the server. [Example: birthdays]
  • star — Manually star a message using a message ID [Example: star 562988389184569344]
  • starboard — Commands for managing the starboard
Misc Interaction
  • guildemojis — Display all server emojis in a menu that can be scrolled through
  • avatar [av] — Display a users avatar in chat
  • someone — Help I’ve fallen and I need @someone.
  • ship — Calculate the love percentage!
  • away — Tell the bot you’re away or back.
  • awaysettings — View your current away settings
  • dnd — Set an automatic reply when you’re dnd.
  • gaming — Set an automatic reply when you’re playing a specified game.
  • idle — Set an automatic reply when you’re idle.
  • listening — Set an automatic reply when you’re listening to Spotify.
  • offline — Set an automatic reply when you’re offline.
  • streaming — Set an automatic reply when you’re streaming.
  • toggleaway — Toggle away messages on the whole server.
  • duel — Duel another player
  • duels — Show your dueling history.
  • protect — Manage the protection list (adds items)
  • protected — Displays the duel protection list
  • unprotect — Manage the protection list
Russian Roulette
  • russian — Start or join a game of russian roulette.
Cards Against Humanity
  • cahcredits — Code credits.
  • cahgames — Displays up to 10 CAH games in progress.
  • chat — Broadcasts a message to the other players in your game.
  • flushhand — Flushes the cards in your hand - can only be done once per game.
  • game — Displays the game’s current status.
  • hand — Shows your hand.
  • idlekick — Sets whether or not to kick members if idle for 5 minutes or more. Can only be done by the player who created the game.
  • joinbot — Adds a bot to the game. Can only be done by the player who created the game.
  • joinbots — Adds bots to the game. Can only be done by the player who created the game.
  • joincah — Join a Cards Against Humanity game. If no id or user is passed, joins a random game.
  • laid — Shows who laid their cards and who hasn’t.
  • lay — Lays a card or cards from your hand. If multiple cards are needed, separate them by a comma (1,2,3).
  • leavecah — Leaves the current game you’re in.
  • newcah — Starts a new Cards Against Humanity game.
  • pick — As the judge - pick the winning card(s).
  • removebot — Removes a bot from the game. Can only be done by the player who created the game.
  • removeplayer — Removes a player from the game. Can only be done by the player who created the game.
  • score — Display the score of the current game.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Araquiel Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Araquiel to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Araquiel Discord Bot' on this page.

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