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Created by: ネフェリバタ#2852
The newest Multi Purpose Discord Bot: Archie, Its a very Wise bot that Helps you Develop, Moderate, and Activate your server


Archie, The newest innovative Discord General Purpose Bot!

General Commands

!help - Sends a SOS message to your dms with all my commands!

!changelogs --- Sends a log of all the bot's newest Changes!
!invite --- Invite the bot to your server! - Click Here
!on --- Test if the bot is Online
!ping --- Test the bots respond speed!
!website --- A cool link to our website... its not cool :(
!version --- See what version the bot is in..

Image Commands

"!avatar --- Steal someones pfp

Fun Commands

!8ball --- Ask the Magic 8ball a Question!
!dicksize --- See how long it could be!
!say --- Make the bot say what u want heheh !star --- Le epikally star a message using the bot !wave --- Make the bot wave to someone!

Utility Commands

!createinvite - Create a invite for your server with a simple cmd
!owner - Set the owner of a server
!serverinfo - See the info about a server
!userinfo - See the info about a user
!announcement - The bot makes an announcement for you!
!poll - The bot will create a poll for you!

Moderation Commands

!clear [amount] - Clears a certain amount of Messages!
!kick @user - Kicks a user from the server!
!ban @user - Bans a user from the server!
!mute @user - Mute a member

This list only contains commands at time of version: 1.1.2

Press [[!]]+[[h]][[e]][[l]][[p]] to get Started with using the bot!
Press [[Ctrl]] + [[r]] -- if the bot's messages are taking to long (reloads)