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Artemis Discord Bot Described:

An astronomy based bot, which its only purpose is to portray information about the universe; and it has some minigames as a bonus.
  • Artemis bot

The Artemis is an astronomy based bot with many cool features and commands, in other words, you can play a quiz with different kind of questions about space, the universe and the media around this branch of science.

There are also some commands that show a vast variety of information that you may find useful, such as space agencies around the world, movies related to space, Mars’ weather, NASA stuff, and much more.

Invite this bot right now into your server if you are fascinated by astronomy and want to know more and more about it!

• It has a global ranking system based on planets, stars and astros!

• It has a simple but cool story-based minigame.

       -> Uncategorized Commands

        Shows the latency.

        Shows some information about the bot itself.

        Sends the bot's invite.

      	Shows how many servers the bot is in.

        Provides a description of all commands and cogs.
        :param co: Cog or command that you want to see. (Optional)

        -> Astronomy (cog)

        Shows all topics available to see.

        Shows some information about the given topic.
        :param topic: The topic to show.

        Shows your astronomical profile.

        Displays my full source code or for a specific command.
        To display the source code of a subcommand you have to separate it by
        periods, e.g. tag.create for the create subcommand of the tag command.

        Shows the global scoreboard, regarding the experience points.

        Enables leveling up messages for a specific server.

        Disables leveling up messages for a specific server.

      	Fetches a random topic from the system.

      	Shows all space agencies in the world or a specific one.
        :param country: The country of that agency.

      	Shows some movies about astronomy and space. Or a specific one.
	:param title: The name/title of the movie.

        -> MiniGame (cog)

      	Plays one of the minigames available; it will list them so you can specify them. (quiz, space_traveling)

      	-> TopGG (cog)

      	Shows all bot lists where you can vote for the bot on.

      	-> NASA (cog)
      	Gets the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)

      	Searches something on NASA's website.
	:param topic: The topic to search.

      	Gets Mars' weather from the last 7 days

	Shows a view of the earth from a given latitude and longitude.
            :param lat: Latitude.
            :param lon: Longitude.
            :param dim: Width and hight in degrees (Default=0.025).
            :param date: The date (YYYY-MM-DD)(Default=today).
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Artemis Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Artemis to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Artemis Discord Bot' on this page.

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