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Prefix: ash.
Created by: Bae#1960
Short link: discord.ly/ashbot
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ASH Commands List PREFIX: ash.

To check the command usage, type ash.help <commands>

docs here

  • | Admin:
    ban, kick, logging, mute, purge, slowmode, unmute

  • | Fun:
    8ball, changemymind, coffee, food, gah, kemonomimi, mcachievement, meme, neko, nekoholo, owo, rem, ship, slots, trump, wrap

  • | General:
    avatar, bird, calculate, cat-fact, cat, coolpics, dog-fact, dog, noel, npm, serveravatar, shortlink, steamgame, twitch, weather

  • | Owner Tools:
    blacklist, debug, eval, exec, reboot, reload, snekfetch, whitelist

  • | Utility:
    afk, help, invite, permission, ping, stats, userstats