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Ashina is a multilanguage bot that have diversous functions that you will certainly like!
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? Multi language

⚠ You can change the language that Ashina uses to communicate with you

  • ? PT-BR
  • ? EN-US

? Channel Managment

⚠ You can greet a member with a customized message

  • ? a!welcome msg Welcome {member} to the {guild}!
  • ? a!welcome channel #channel

? Economy commands

⚠ You can have fun with the economy commands that Ashina brings to you

  • ? a!work
  • ? a!steal
  • ? a!buy

? Moderation

⚠ You can moderate your server with easily commands that will help your guild

  • ? a!softban @user
  • ? a!ban @user
  • ? a!kick @user

Thats only a part of all my available commands, add me and enjoy all of it!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.