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Aspire is an easy multipurpose bot compacted with all the tools you need, varying features from Mod Configs, Utility, powerful Music system, Fun Games as well as a Tag system & much more!
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Aspire is an all-in-one multi-purpose bot with easy & unique settings, as well as its featuring Moderation, Music, Tags System(beta) & Voice Channel Activities with much more! Aspire’s tag system can be used to store easy notes for the guild, help related or ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Our aim is to make your server have packed all the features you need!☕

Including Features:

  • User/Guild Statistics.
  • Animal Facts/Images.
  • Tag notes creation config.
  • Easy Moderation Config system.
  • Voice Channel Activities.
  • Powerful Music system.
  • Weather Forecasts updates.
  • Online research & url shortners.

Latest Update 5.2.5:

  • Added Tags & Ignore System.
  • Added a new mini-games for the fun category!
  • Ban command now support banning members via their message ids.
  • Mixed animal facts & images so they sync with the appropriate category.
  • Patched slowmode timer bug, use "s" || "m" || "h".
  • Updating emoji role access for moderators.
  • Command responses have been worked on, delays have been lowered!
  • Fixed text styling & sub commands.
  • Patched ‘empty message’ error for suppressembed command.
  • Markdown character errors have been fixed for mobile users!
  • New modern UI, looking dope!

Additional Notes:

  • No commands are gated to BETA features access.
  • Slash Commands are coming in a new update!
  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Join our Discord Server for support/queries!
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