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Aspire is an easy multi-purpose bot, and compacted. Varying features from Moderation, VC Activities, Music Player, Fun Channel games, a Tag System (aka referencer) and many more amazing tools

Aspire is an easy multi-purpose bot with range of components such as moderation, music, tags system, voice-channel activities, fun activities and much more. The idea is to offer you all the tools you’ll need to build your community.

A bit of what Aspire supports:

  • Easy-to-use custom Tagging system.
  • Unlimited URL shortnerers & custom endpoints.
  • Extensive Animal Images & Facts about them.
  • Slash Commands, Buttons, Select & Context menus!
  • Configured (optional) Moderation Utilities.
  • Voice Channel activities & Fun message games.
  • Powerful & Reliable Music system /w Filters!
  • Ability to Ignore roles/channels.

    LATEST (new) Update - v5.9.0:
  • New cool slash commands.
  • Patched guild-gate and auto-role issue.
  • Upgraded music filters and boost.
  • Phishing filters and actions!
  • Your can now limit me from responding to users with roles or responding in certain channels.
  • Fast and reliable!
  • Invite Aspire today, what you’re waiting on!!??

    Support & Other Information:
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.