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Prefix: a- (customisable)
Created by: Jacher#9891
Short link: discord.ly/assyst
A bot with features designed to facilitate developers' needs, such as code execution.

Assyst - The dev-facilitating bot

Assyst’s primary purpose is to provide ease-of-life features to developers.
It has a range of utilitarian commands, ranging from code execution to website screenshotting.


- Powerful message edit and delete handling, so command messages can be edited and the command will be re-run.
- Completely open-source. Anyone can contribute.
- Simple to self-host, extend, and modify.
- Powerful flag parsing and documentation of all flags.
- Written in pure TypeScript, with as little dependency on libraries as possible.
- Customisable prefix, with mention support.
- Extremely in-depth and flexible tag parser.

Full parser documentation