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The most reliable image editing bot.
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Assyst - The Alternative Image Bot

Assyst is a bot whose primary focus is reliable and fast image manipulation.
Assyst’s image features are all developed in-house, meaning no reliance on unstable third-party APIs.

Assyst can:

- Caption images
- Apply motivation text to images
- Apply meme text to images
- Rainbowify images
- Turn images into a globe
- Manipulate images through a total of 50+ different commands

And much more, all without requiring users to wait extensively to get outputs.
Assyst is developed in Rust, giving it rock solid stability and performance. Updates are deployed regularly.

In addition to image features, Assyst can also translate text, and set up bad-translator channels where every message is passed through a translation engine several times.

Assyst has no confusing dashboard or configuration, and the bot is entirely plug-and-play. Invite Assyst to your Discord server today and experience a new dimension of image editing performance.

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