Logo for astral

astral 0

astral new bot created by glitch dev come with a lot of feature :)

astral was a simple and little bot before with well not a lot of cmd but I update it and now astral is on β€œbeta build 0.0.1”.

warning -for the moderation cmd make sure the bot role is higher than the role of the user or the bot not gonna do this work -for the name and nick cmd dont put more than 32 letter or the bot not gonna put the nickname because of the discord api -of course for the clear cmd I guess u already know what u need to check.

for the cmd the bot have a help cmd who is update everytime a new command is added so you will never miss a new cmd and if you are in the support server you will be pinged by the bot in the news channel when new cmd work (in work)

sometime the bot can turn offline because of my connection but I dont think the bot gonna turn off a lot (expect for update and patch)

dont forget to vote for the bot and have a great day

-glitch dev