Discord YouTube Bots

Find the best Discord YouTube Bots for your Discord Server, including Musify to Lofi Girl and more!

Musify Discord Bot Banner
Musify Discord Bot Logo

Music  Fun 
Hello and welcome to Musify . What is Musify you ask well Musify is a bot that allows you to listen to your favorite music on the fly whether it's on Spotify, SoundCloud, or Youtube
Lofi Girl Discord Bot Banner
Lofi Girl Discord Bot Logo

Lofi Girl - Streams Lofi Music directly into your Discord Channel
Fake Discord Bot Banner
Fake Discord Bot Logo

A High-Quality Music Bot And The Only Discord Music Bot You Will Ever Need Because It Has More Than 40+ Commands.
Youtube & Twitch Discord Bot Banner
Youtube & Twitch Discord Bot Logo

Receive custom messages for YouTube and Twitch
Sx Bot Discord Bot Banner
Sx Bot Discord Bot Logo

Sx Bot is a Discord bot featuring Live Stream Alerts, Nitro Boost Tracking, Reaction Roles, Invite Tracking, Giveaways, Games, Fun and more!
Kaori Discord Bot Banner
Kaori Discord Bot Logo

A high quality discord music bot 24/7 support audio from Apple Music, Deezer, Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, & YouTube
Aspireʀʙx Discord Bot Banner
Aspireʀʙx Discord Bot Logo

Aspire is an easy multi-purpose bot, and compacted. Varying features from Moderation, VC Activities, Music Player, Fun Channel games, a Tag System (aka referencer) and many more amazing tools
Sx Live Discord Bot Banner
Sx Live Discord Bot Logo

Sx Live is a Discord bot that provides live stream notifications, auto live roles, spotify roles, and more!
EpicBot 🏅 Discord Bot Banner
EpicBot 🏅 Discord Bot Logo

A simple, multipurpose Discord bot.
♜Lurker.tv Discord Bot Banner
♜Lurker.tv Discord Bot Logo

Twitch & YouTube(Beta!) Live role / Live Announcements / Multi Twitch / Points for watching based on your Discord members!
Jam Jar Discord Bot Banner
Jam Jar Discord Bot Logo

Music  Fun 
Hi! Im Jam Jar a bot solely made for music purposes with all the premium features to be used for FREE :D
Torrent-bot Discord Bot Banner
Torrent-bot Discord Bot Logo

Torrent bot, you can download anything using the torrent bot
Now Live Discord Bot Banner
Now Live Discord Bot Logo

Live stream announcing bot, back from the dead. Supports Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo.
STAR ☆ Discord Bot Banner
STAR ☆ Discord Bot Logo

Music  Fun 
Remix Discord Bot Banner
Remix Discord Bot Logo

The best high quality music bot.
Azerty Discord Bot Banner
Azerty Discord Bot Logo

Music  Meme 
A feature rich discord bot with music, moderation, image manipulation, giveaways, welcoming, Discord Together and more..