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Full AttoBot Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Moderation commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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AttoBot Discord Bot Described:

A multi-function bot for Moderation and Fun.

AttoBot is a multi-function bot for moderating your servers and for fun.

Swear Filter
  • Immediately and silenty removes any message containing a profanity
  • Notifies the author of why their message was removed, allows them to resend without the profanity
  • Notifies the server owner of the time, author, and profanity that was removed
  • Includes the ability to customize blocked words and whitelist channels from the filter
Trello Notifications
  • Links Trello boards with a Discord channel to send notifications when an event happens on the board
  • Able to select which boards to watch as well as customize the types of events that will send notifications
Meeting Notifications
  • Notifies team of a meeting a day before
  • Able to have multiple meetings with different days, times, and descriptions
Order Request System
  • Links with Trello and Gmail to send a mentor a notification when an order request form is uploaded to Trello
  • Once the order has been placed by the mentor, they can simply reply and it will move the card from the Orders Requested to Orders Placed list and check off the ckeclist item for Order Placed.
Like Tracker
  • Monitors who has the most ? reactions on their messages
  • Can be used for prizes and engagement
General Commands
  • !kickoff: Displays the amount of time until kickoff.
  • !advice<search term>: Gives important advice.
  • !blaise<search term>: Tells a dad joke.
  • !flip: Flips a coin.
  • !like <count|top>: Displays the amount of likes.
  • !mood: What a mood.
  • !pid: Calculates 100% correct calculated PID values.
  • !winner: Displays the guaranteed winners of the next FRC season.
  • !tba <team number>: Displays information about an FRC team.
  • !feedback: Displays the link for feedback on the bot.
Restricted Commands
  • !command <add|remove> <name> <"description"> <"response">: Manages custom commands.
  • !meeting <add|remove> <"description"> <day> <month> <start time>: Manages meetings.
  • !poll <"question">: Creates a yes/no/maybe poll in the channel.
  • !strawpoll <"title"> <"option 1"> <"option 2">...: Creates a strawpoll.
  • !spam <add|remove> <@username>: Manages the spam chat.
Moderation Commands
  • !kick <@username><"reason">: Kicks a member.
  • !ban <@username><"reason"> <days>: Bans a member.
  • !channel <add|remove> <"name"><type>: Manages channels.
  • !role <add|remove> <@username> <role>: Manages roles.
  • !restart: Restarts the bot.
Further Notice

1 Restricted Commands will require an assigned role called Admin, Moderation commands will require an assigned role called Moderator
2 If you’re hosting a instance of AttoBot by yourself, make sure it’s for private use only in your Discord servers. Don’t make it a public bot, and advertise it as your own, and list it on public sites. Strict actions will be taken if you violate this.

Thanks to Angush for the Trello integration

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add AttoBot Discord Bot to my server?

You can add AttoBot to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add AttoBot Discord Bot' on this page.

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