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A new RPG/Gacha bot with original characters and both active and idle gameplay. Currently in Beta.

Ayesha Beta

Ayesha is Discord’s newest gacha game! Create a character and join your friends on an adventure through the continent of Rabidus, collecting gold and materials to level up.

Use the tutorial and help commands to get started!


  • Customize your character with several roles and origins.
  • Develop strategies to defeat the 25 bosses!
  • Collect rubidics to roll for acolytes and weapons.
  • Explore the game’s original map, collecting materials to level up your acolytes.
  • Go on long expeditions, gaining xp and gold!
  • Join brotherhoods or guilds, strengthening your character or seeking ways to gain more gold.

Coming Soon!

  • Artwork
  • Bot-wide raids
  • Combat system


Prefix: %
Servers: 23
Users: 56
Created by: Aramythia#9006
Short link: discord.ly/ayesha