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Prefix: b# (Changeable)
Created by: lil Lizzy#8409
Short link: discord.ly/beats
A music bot which is ready to groove in your server!


Beats is a Discord music bot coded in JavaScript which uses the package Discord.js to interact with Discord’s API

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Prefix: b# (customisable with b#prefix)

  • Commands

To get info about a specific command use b#help command which command is the command you would like to get additional info about and b# is the prefix ( It will be different if you have changed it )


  • Websites
  1. Beats Website (coming soon)
  2. Discord.boats
  3. Discordbotlist
  • Vote rewards
  1. Access to the volume command b#volume
  2. Access to the lyrics command b#lyrics
    More coming…

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