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A simple General Purpose Bot but with Code Help (discord.py)

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This bot is a Gerneral Purpose, Fun, Meme, Quality, Developer of life Bot with features that support discord.py bot developers!
It runs the discord.py library so the bot has a great diversity in what it can do.

With commands that just make it a fun but simple bot also with features for discord.py library users
but that’s only a minor feature.

The bot is hosted in England so if you want to get maximum enjoyment set your server location to Western Europe!


prefix: []

  • ping none Pings the bot with ms
  • readthedocs search Searchs the discord.py docs
  • host none Server info
  • yeet <user/thing> YEETS someone/something of a cliff
  • invite none Invites the bot to your server
  • makesinner user Makes someone a sinner
  • say text Copys what you say
  • validate ip validates if an ip is real
  • timer seconds waits a specified ammount of times
  • id none gets your id
  • help none shows this message
  • qr text creates a qr code with your text
  • guilds none lists how many servers the bot is in


Discord Bots

Discord Bots

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Prefix: []
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: KJ#6050
Short link: discord.ly/bella