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Invite Bender Bot to your server and explore its RPG commands. Trade, sell, and obtain items with other users. Discord Bot.

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Bender Discord Bot Described:

Bender is the ultimate RPG bot with its own currency where you can obtain, trade, and sell items with other users.
General Bender Features
  • Bender Bot is the ultimate RPG bot and can be as complex or as simple as you’d like it to be.
  • Bender’s main currency is tacos ? which can be gained by performing simple commands throughout the day.
  • Check your profile using the -profile command to display your tacos, taco stands, and experience/level
  • Invite friends to try out Bender and work together by using the -welcome @user command! the more users in your server using Bender the better.
  • Gain experience ? and level up to unlock new perks and increase your taco income!
  • Vote daily for Bender with the -daily and -daily claim commands to obtain rewards!
  • Start off by cooking some tacos with the -cook command, and using your first stand to -prepare some tacos.
  • Have beef with someone that you just resolved? use the -sorry @user command to show your apology and grant the user some tacos.
  • Someone did something nice for you and you want to show your appreciation? use the -thank @user command to grant the user more tacos;
  • Bender has a large variety of items and perks in his shop. Use the -shop long command to view them and display their buy commands
  • Buy a pickaxe and begin scavenging for some of the most rare items out there. There are common, uncommon, rare, ancient, and artifact quality items. Each item has a purpose and can either be used or worn with the -use [itemid] or -puton [slotnumber] [itemid] commands.
  • Items grant you taco bonuses to increase your taco income and increase your RPG stats to overcome enemies as you travel. Check your bonuses using the -wearing command

  • Bender has a fully developed RPG turn based system. Items you collect along the way can be worn to gain unique abilities and increase your RPG stats, use the -rpgstats command to check your stats and whereabouts.
  • Use the -rpghelp command to view a more in depth explanation of RPG rules
  • RPG in bender requires 2-5 players, begin an RPG by using the -rpgstart @user command to tag your team. You will encounter unique enemies with different abilities as you progress along the way. There are different Areas and Zones that will also grant unique rewards.
  • use your -map to -travel to different areas and zones within Bender! unlock new areas by defeating enemies in your current area. You will start at the prarie
  • RPG challenges are predefined events for the most coordinated groups looking for a true RPG experience. They are intended for level 20 or higher and can be started using the -rpgchallenge [challengenumber] @user @user command. They are intended for 5 player groups only.

  • Unlock unique achievements in Bender for bragging rights!
  • Many achievements must be discovered by thinking outside the box.
  • Bender has local and global leaderboards, view them using the -standings, -toplist, and -toprpg commands
  • There are special quests in bender which will require you and a group of players to solve puzzles and riddles.

  • play a game of -fruits with up to 10 users!
  • Use the black market auction house to buy and sell items! use the -market command to view the market, -mkcreate [itemid] to
  • Test your luck and slot some tacos using the -slots [tacos] command!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Bender Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Bender to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Bender Discord Bot' on this page.

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