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A highly customizable free birthday Discord Bot. Use bday help to start tracking birthdays!

Birthday Bot

Discord Bot - Track and celebrate birthdays in your discord server! Use bday help to get started!

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In your discord server Birthday Bot will track your users' birthdays and using their timezone celebrate their birthday through its customizable birthday role and message. Even if you have a large discord use Birthday Bot's trusted-role system to only celebrate the users you want to avoid the spam of tracking everyone.

Start by using bday set

Example Start

Finding Your Time Zone

Keval Bhatt has created a handy map time zone picker:


Simply click your location on the map, and use the name displayed in the dropdown box as your time zone.

You can then take your time zone name and use it in the bday set command

Setting your time zone

Birthday Bot will then know your timezone and will use this to know when to celebrate your birthday.

Full Example usage of bday set

Example usage

For users that's it! Server owners will have to do a bit more but Birthday Bot makes it easy with an interactive setup commands bday setup and bday setup optional!


The following are commands for BirthdayBot. To run a command, prefix the command with bday, for example, bday help or @BirthdayBot help.


  • help - View useful information about BirthdayBot.
  • help setup - View useful information on how to setup Birthday Bot.
  • help setup option - View useful information on how to setup the optional Birthday Bot settings.
  • about - View information about BirthdayBot.
  • serverinfo - View information about your server.
  • settings - View your server's current configuration settings.
  • shard - View information about your current shard.

Server Configuration (Admins only)

  • bday setup - Interactive guide for server setup.

  • bday setup optional - Interactive guide for optional server setup settings.

  • SetBirthdayRole <@role/rolename> - Set a role to be the designated Birthday role.

  • SetBirthdayChannel [#channel] - Set a channel to be the designated Birthday Channel.

  • SetTrustedRole <@role/rolename> - Set a role to be the designated Trusted role.

  • CreateBirthdayRole - Create the default Birthday Role.

  • CreateBirthdayChannel - Create the default Birthday Channel.

  • CreateTrustedRole - Create the default Trusted Role.

  • ClearBirthdayRole - Clears the Birthday Role (Effectively Disabling this feature).

  • ClearBirthdayChannel - Clears the Birthday Channel (Effectively Disabling this feature).

  • ClearTrustedRole - Clears the Trusted Role (Effectively Disabling this feature).

  • config message setMention <everyone/here/@role/rolename/disable> - Who/What role should the bot mention when the birthday message is sent.

  • config message setTime <0-23> - What time should the birthday message be sent at.

  • config message set <message> - Set the a custom birthday message for your server. Use "@Users" in the message to be replaced with the user's who's birthday it is.

  • config message reset - Set the birthday message to it's default value.

  • config message useEmbed <true/false> - Set if the Birthday Message will be embedded. (Set false for links/images to work properly)

  • config trusted preventMessage <true/false> - Should the bot only send birthday messages for people with the trusted role.

  • config trusted preventRole <true/false> - Should the bot only give the birthday role for people with the trusted role.


  • set - Set your birthday.
  • next - View the next birthday in your current guild.
  • view <name> - View a user's birthday.
  • invite - Invite Birthday Bot to your discord.
  • support - Join the Birthday Bot support server.


For additional help contact Stqlth#0001 or join the support server here.