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BladeNEXT APIを使用すれば他のサービスなどでもサーバーの情報などを確認出来たりする事が出来ます。

Docs: https://github.com/DJS-JPN/Blade-NEXT/wiki



help Display help for a command.
info Provides some information about this bot.
invite Displays the join guild link of the bot.
ping Runs a connection test to Discord.
stats Provides some details about the bot and stats.
userconf Define per-user settings.
discordstats Check Discord server status
server Check Guild server status
avatar Get the URL of your Avatar
conf Define per-guild settings.
image Search image
r18image Display an image including NSFW
docs Searches the Discord.js docs for your query.
mdn Searches MDN for your query.
roleinfo Get information on a role with an id or a mention.
userinfo Get information on a mentioned user.
wikipedia Search and display Wikipedia articles from the title.
prefix Change the command prefix the bot uses in your server.
language Language settings
support Support server invitation link
vote Vote for this bot
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