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Created by: Derpy#5247
Short link: discord.ly/blueberry
An easy to use bot that allows shortcuts to features so users do not have to look through the list.

Blueberry must have the permission add_reactions to use the help menu.
Blueberry allows features for server moderators such as kick, ban, while also allowing them to temporarily punish users with tempban.
Blueberry is not just for server moderators, but also for the users of the server, allowing many fun commands for them to play with such as avatar image manipulation, coinflip and slots, jokes, memes, and random animal pictures.
Blueberry also contains automatic features such as on member join welcoming and custom messages with keywords moderators can use to get information such as {m} for the member mention in the message, {g} for the guild name, {mc} for the total member count, and {b} for a line break. Blueberry also allows for auto moderation on words and links.
Blueberry allows for an easy to use and beautiful menu and commands for all users to play with.