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Bobux Discord Bot Described:

Earn bobux and buy a 🅱️ugatti!
Introducing Bobux Bot!
Welcome to Bobux Bot!

Bobux Bot is back and better than ever! 🚀 Discover a whole new world of fun, utility, and entertainment right at your fingertips. Earn and spend bobux, engage in exciting games, manage your balance, and have a blast with our unique commands. Join the Bobux community and elevate your Discord experience to a whole new level!

🎮 Play Games, Earn Bobux!

Explore our captivating games and earn bobux while having a blast! These are not just any games; they are designed to keep you hooked and rewarded.

  • /girlfriend - Can’t find a girlfriend IRL? No worries, let this command find one for you virtually!
  • /slots - Satisfy your gambling thrill with our balanced and mathematically exciting slot machine!
  • /mine - Dig up crypto and exchange it for bobux like a true crypto miner!
  • /rickroll - Get ready to be hilariously rickrolled, a classic command you can’t resist!
💼 Utility at Your Fingertips

Bobux wouldn’t be a real currency if you couldn’t manage it efficiently. Our utility commands make handling your bobux a breeze!

  • /sendbobux - Share your bobux love with friends and loved ones by transferring them some bobux.
  • /balance - Check your own bobux fortune or that of your cherished friends.
🎭 Entertainment Galore

Bobux Bot offers an array of unique and entertaining commands to keep the fun flowing!

  • /lick - Playfully “lick” someone to make them your virtual property.
  • /bab - Oops, we meant /ban! (Sorry, we’re just having fun, no actual bans here!)
  • /bonk - Give someone a virtual bonk with our magical stick, because why not?
🧙‍♂️ Created with Passion

Bobux Bot was lovingly crafted in Python with the powerful Disnake library, originally by a talented team of five developers. We’re continuously improving and adding new features to make your experience even more delightful.

🛠️ Dev Team
  • Exenifix - project manager
  • Snipy - author of /fruitclicker and /catch
  • Asher - author of system commands, /memoir, /fish, /dig and /mine
  • Skev - that one guy who made 80% of embed tips and user insults, author of many utility and entertainment commands
  • Pandabweer - code reviewer
  • Sarth - author of many utility and fun commands, creator of /help
  • Spooky - creator of welcome system, currently does’t have PC so moral support

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Bobux Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Bobux to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Bobux Discord Bot' on this page.

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