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Prefix: bb! or custom
Created by: 53P#0001
Short link: discord.ly/boom-bot
A Discord bot that can moderate your server! Boom Bot has many great features including logging, moderation, fun, levelling, and more!
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Want to spice up your server?
Use Boom Bot!

Boom Bot is a fully-fledged bot with moderation, fun, logging, levelling, and more!
GitHub: https://github.com/53P/Boom-Bot/wiki


  • Purge --> Clear messages
  • Kick --> Kick a member
  • Ban --> Ban a member


  • Help --> Display all current commands
  • Ping --> Display the bot’s ping
  • Stats --> Show the bot’s statistics
  • Serverinfo --> Show the server’s info


  • 8ball --> Ask the magic 8ball a question!
  • Meme --> Get a meme off Reddit
  • Dog --> Get a random picture of a dog
  • Coinflip --> Flip a coin


  • Leaderboard --> Check the server’s XP and level leaderboard
  • Level --> Check your current level
  • xp --> Check your current XP


  • Player --> Check a player on Hypixel
    Being developed

Being developed

Boom Bot also supports per-server configurations!
Server Configuration:

  • Showconfig --> See the current configuration for the server
  • Configure --> Configure a module