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This bot has a few essentials. Ban/kick players, tempmute, Implemented 8ball function, and more comeing soon Its prefix is B/
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Bot Info

  • Up to 37 Commands!
Category Commands
Moderation ban, kick, tempmute, clear, prefix, report, hackban
Fun 8ball, ascii, say, advertise, teamtrees
Miscellaneous help, ping, uptime, botinfo, releases, userinfo, serverInfo, suggest, support
Covid-19 covidall, covidcountry

What can it do

  • Change the prefix with a simple B/prefix
  • Use the simple 8ball command to tell your future :o
  • Get random advertisements by doing B/advertise
  • Runs 24/7
  • Much more!
  • Info about the coronavirus

Bot Bot 1.1.9

  • Added Covid Category
  • New VPS
  • Revambed ”botstats” command

Bot Bot 1.1.8~b1

  • Removed the Owner/Bot dev catagory
  • Removed the music modules
  • New “hackban” command

Bot Bot 1.1.7~b2

  • Fixed the ban and kick command. No longer needs a log channel, play command have been fixed you just need to wait 5-14 seconds for the bot to join
    Downgraded from 12.0.0 (master) back to 11.5.1 (stable)

Bot Bot 1.1.7
Added New catagory: Owner commands
Do B/releases for more

#Bot Bot 1.1.5

  • Problems with the help command have been fixed
  • Added teamtrees command
  • Removed a command

Bot Bot 1.1.4

  • New commands:Releases, and serverinfo

Bot Bot 1.1.0 Update

  • Added new commands
  • Fixed everything
  • Removed 2 commands
  • Yeah that’s basically it
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