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Created by: Natemo#6348
A simple music bot with moderation, utility, gif searching, auto responses, and other fun commands.

Botemo is a simple music bot with moderation, utility, gif searching, auto responses, and other fun commands. These are all of the current commands.

Music Commands leave: Leaves voice channel if in one loop: Loop the current playing song as many times as specified lyrics: Get lyrics of any song or the lyrics of the currently playing song music-trivia: Engage in a music quiz with your friends! nowplaying: Display the currently playing song pause: Pause the current playing song play: Play any song or playlist from youtube queue: Display the song queue remove: Remove a specific song from queue resume: Resume the current paused song shuffle: Shuffle the song queue skip: Skip the current playing song skipall: Skip all songs in queue skipto: Skip to a specific song in the queue, provide the song number as an argument stop-trivia: End the music trivia volume: Adjust song volume

Gif Commands animegif: Provide a name of an anime show or character and I will return a gif! gif: Provide a query and I will return a gif! gintama: Replies with a gintama gif! jojo: Replies with a random jojo gif!

Other Fun Commands avatar: Responds with a user's avatar. cat: Replies with a cute cat picture chucknorris: Get a satirical fact about Chuck Norris! first-message: Responds with the first message ever sent to a channel. fortune: Replies with a fortune cookie tip insult: Generate an evil insult! motivation: Get a random motivation quote random: Generate a random number between two provided numbers reddit: Replies with 10 top daily posts in wanted subreddit, you can specify sorting and time say: Make the bot say anything translate: Translate to any language using yandex translation service uptime: Replies with the bot's total uptime. whomademe: Replies with the bot creator's name and tag world-news: Replies with the 5 latest world news headlines

Moderation Commands ban: Bans a tagged member kick: Kicks a tagged member purge: Delete up to 99 recent messages

Auto Reply Commands creeper: aw man! goodnight: Goodnight i-never-wanna-hear-you-say: I want it that way lol: lol no-u: no u oof: OOF! rawr: Rawr X3 unflip: Unflips a flipped table. uwu: UwU wake-me-up: Wake me up inside

Utility help: Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command. ping: Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server. invite: Join support server and invite bot report: Reports something to the bot owner(s). shutdown: Shuts down the bot. (Owner only)