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Rated 4.8 by 48 users
2 upvotes in October
BruhBot has Many Useful and Fun Commands, for example Steal Emoji to steal an emoji from a different server, or over 20 image manipulation commands!

To get the list of commands type “Bruh, Help”.

Fun: BruhBot has many fun commands like: Bruh, Wide; Bruh, Hack; Bruh, Kill and more!

Moderation: Bruh, Kick; Bruh, Ban; Bruh, Slowmode; Bruh, Logging and several more!

Music: BruhBot supports YouTube Music playback!

Tools: BruhBot has many tools, example: Bruh, Calculate; Bruh, Pin; Bruh, Search; Bruh, User Info; Bruh, Steal Emoji and more!
The Bot gets more commands Almost every week!
The Bot is 100% free!
It has very good uptime!
It is being used in 5400 servers and growing!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.