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Basically a Levelling Bot, but it gives CANDY!

CandyBot is a levelling bot with candy!

CandyBot will sit in your server, counting messages. Every 100th message gets a point. Then he starts from zero. As simple as that, right?

Invite Link

Click here to invite CandyBot to your discord guild

Setting up CandyBot

CandyBot works right outside the box. However, there are some things that you can modify:

Modification Description How to do
Changing the Message Limit The limit at which a new point is given, default: 100 Change the candy.limit property: candy!property candy.limit <Limit>
Defining a custom prefix for your Server A custom command prefix that CandyBot will react to, only in your server Change the bot.customprefix property: candy!property bot.customprefix <Prefix>

Note: To be able to use candy!property, you must be able to effectively use the Manage Server permission.

All CandyBot commands

Candy commands

Command Description Notes
candy!stats Shows server-wide Candy stats and highscores
candy!own Shows your own Candy score

Other commands

Command Description Notes
candy!help Shows all available commands, or information about a specific command
candy!property [<Property Name> [New Value]] Setup command Requires the Manage Server permission for usage
candy!invite Sends you an Invite-link for the bot via DM
candy!about Basic information about the bot, useful links
candy!bug Found a bug? Report it there!
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Prefix: candy!
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Kaleidox#3902
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