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An All-in-One Multi-Purpose Discord bot which has infinite usages like Moderator, Economy, Fun, Calculator, etc...

||Play. Explore. Moderate.||

An All-in-one Multi-Purpose bot for Moderation, Currency, Utility, Fun, and more…

Bot Prefix => c.

Help Command => c.help

<> is Required & [] is Optional

Moderation Commands :

c.kick @member
Kicks a member from the server
Perms : Kick Members

c.ban @member
Bans a member from the server
Perms : Ban Members

Sends a DM to the person being warned and is noted of his/her warn.
Perms : Ban Members

c.unban <member name>#<code>
Unbans the Member who had been banned before.
Perms : Ban Members
Conditions : Member must be Banned and on the Member’s List

c.del <amount>
Aliases : c.clear <amount>
Deletes the last messages sent.

c.userinfo [member]
Aliases : c.ui
Gives the member’s info.

Currency Commands :

Helps beginners know what is Carbon+ all about.

Shows your profile with stats on Coins, Level, XP and items.

Gives a 800-1000 limit of Coins.<br>
Can get only once. ;)

Aliases : c.bal
Shows your Balance

Shows your Level and XP

Visit the Shop ! You may find something useful :)

c.buy <item name>
Buy an item from shop by using this cmd

c.use <item name>
Use it. If not, why bought it ???

Play some sports.

SUPPORT Commands :

Invite the Cool Bot to your Awesome server

Need Help ? Ask Us.
Conditions : Join the Server and get a Community role.

Suggest us new commands and ideas.

Check out Carbon+ Website.

UTILITY Commands :
Simple Calculations

c.add <1st no.> <2nd no.>
Add two numbers

c.sub <no.> <no.>
Subtract two numbers

c.mul <no.> <no.>
Multiply random two numbers

c.div <no.> <no.>
Divide two numbers

Advanced Calculations

c.sqrt <no.>
Calculate Square Root no.

c.cube <no.>
Cube of a Number

c.sq <no.>
Square of a Number

c.exp <no.> <no.>
Exponential of a Number is now possible.

Carbon+ commands are constantly updating. Be sure to always be the first to check them out.

Join Support Server to report or suggest some cool cmds.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: c. [Customizable]
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: AbelR#0070
Short link: discord.ly/carbon