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Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Prefix: c?
Created by: Catchful#3324
"Catch" a multi purpose bot which will do anything you’ll suggest as soon as they are in my abilities.

The bot is multi purpose, it will pretty much do anything you suggest that I can code. Prefix is “c?”.


• c?help to get a list of commands the bot has!

• 24/7 up time.

• Every feedback and suggestion is taken.

• Music - High performance organized music command.

• Moderation commands to make sure your server is under control!

• Fun commands to play with while having conversations with others!

• Utility commands for you to check your server or user information and much more!

• General commands to know some information about the bot or send feedback or a suggestion!

• More than 35 commands for you to work with, and more coming soon!

• Get custom commands for you server by messaging Catchful#7463 or use c?suggest

I am trying my best to make "Catch" have whatever feature a server owner wants as long as I can code it to make him satisfied of having my bot in his server. I hope you have fun, and my DMs are always open for a good talk!