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CharizardBot is a simple, small Discord bot that includes useful commands for games such as Wizard101 and Clash of Clans. Also includes a Pokédex command.

CharizardBot might be a small bot, but it has several major features including:

!charizard or !help - gets the general list of commands. As the list grows, this will not contain all the commands, but the website will.

Pokedex - you can specify a pokemon or you can get a random pokemon’s stats.

Clash of Clans commands - Search for a clan, list the players in a clan, and view a player’s info.

Chat filter for racial slurs (universal list currently)

Wizard101 commands (petstats and tournament schedule viewing)

Anime searching (use !anime <query>) to look up info about an anime on My Anime List.

Imgur/Tenor GIF searching - search for your favorite memes!

Suggestions - Suggest to your server what you want done.

Random reddit post from your favorite subreddit with sorting options - use !randpost <subreddit> <optional: sorting, such as “top”, “hot”, etc.

Random reddit meme from 5 meme subreddits - use !randmeme <optional: sorting>.
If you are a server admin, you are able to change the Prefix and other settings (such as enabling/disabling features of the bot that are listed on the website).

There are most likely more features coming in the future.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


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Created by: James, Meme Man 2020#0820
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