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Full Fear Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Social commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.
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Fear Discord Bot Described

: A nice bot for all the homies and full of luvs~
Welcome to Fear!

Hi! I’m your friendly Discord bot, for all your fun-desired needs!

-punch @User [Alias(s): hit]
-poi [Alias(s): None]
-dab [Alias(s): None]
-smile [Alias(s): happy]
-nani [Alias(s): what]
-dog [Alias(s): woof]
-cat [Alias(s): meow]
-cuddle [Alias(s): None] <Usage: -cuddle @User#1234>
-waifu-insult [Alias(s): None] <Usage: -waifu-insult @User#1234>
-kiss [Alias(s): None] <Usage: -kiss @User#1234>
-insult [Alias(s): None] <Usage: -insult @User#1234>
-hug [Alias(s): None] <Usage: -hug @User#1234>
-coin-flip [Alias(s): coinflip, coin]
-tickle [Alias(s): None] <Usage: -tickle @User#1234>
-rem [Alias(s): None]
-meme [Alias(s): mems]
-owo [Alias(s): None]
-thumbsup [Alias(s): thumbs]
-blush [Alias(s): None]
-baka [Alias(s): Bakaa]
-nom [Alias(s): nomm]
-smug [Alias(s): smuggy]
-neko [Alias(s): nya]
-stare [Alias(s): None]
-staff [Alias(s): None]
-ping [Alias(s): p]
-botinfo [Alias(s): specs]
-serverinfo [Alias(s): si]
-myinfo [Alias(s): mi]
-avatar [Alias(s): pfp] <Usage: -avatar @User#1234>
-support [Alias(s): None]
-help [Alias(s): h]
-invite [Alias(s): inv]
-say [Alias(s): echo]
-bug-report [Alias(s): None] <Usage: -bug-report The Bug>
-ban [Alias(s): bean]
-kick [Alias(s): None]
-purge [Alias(s): prune]
-play [Alias(s): None] <Usage: -play link>
-pause [Alias(s): None]
-resume [Alias(s): None]
-stop [Alias(s): None]```

# Getting Started:

> To start getting to the fun, simply type **-help** in a server ***or*** the bot's DM's!

- Lets begin! Invite me to your server today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Fear Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Fear to your Discord Server by pressing ‘Add Fear Discord Bot’ on this page.

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