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A simple easy to use Discord bot for playing music.

Chord - Music made simple.

Chord is an easy to use fully functional discord bot with perfect sound quality meaning you don’t have to listen to any of that crackling when the bass starts.

Some of the features of Chord Bot include Lyrics, Ability to set a ‘DJ’ role, YouTube and Soundcloud Search and the ability to change the prefix on the server.

Here are the commands:

/play <song> | Play’s the specified song.

/search <song> | Searches YouTube and sends a list of results.

/scsearch <song> | Searches Soundcloud and sends a list of results.

/lyrics <song> | Searches for Lyrics for the specified song. (BETA)

/queue <pagenumber> | Shows you the music queue.

/remove <position/all> | Removes from queue.

/shuffle | Shuffles songs.

/nowplaying | Shows you what song is playing.

/skip | Skips/Votes to skip song.

The full list of commands can be shown by doing /help and checking your DM’s.

For Support and Enquiries please join the Discord Server, thanks!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.




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Created by: Poisoned#1840
Short link: discord.ly/chord-4638