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Created by: Eartharoid#2006
Short link: discord.ly/christmas-countdown
Get the number of sleeps left until Christmas sent to your selected channel every morning.
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NOTE: Please ensure the bot has SEND_MESSAGES and EMBED_LINKS permissions in channels you want it to be able to respond in AND the countdown channel (if you use the daily countdown)

Live Countdown: countdowntoxmas.tk

Commands: (★ = premium servers only)

  • x!help A list of commands (Type x!help [command] for more information about a command (long description, aliases etc))

  • x!about General information (stats, support server invite, about page link)

  • x!channel [#channel] Set the channel you want the daily countdown to use. (required permission: MANAGE_GUILD)

  • (★) x!countdown The exact time until Christmas (to the second)

  • x!days Number of days until Christmas (see days vs sleeps)

  • x!sleeps Number of sleeps (full days) until Christmas (see days vs sleeps)

  • (★) x!image A random Christmas / winter-themed photograph from Unsplash [COMING SOON]

  • (★) x!mention Set/disable countdown mention role (x!mention @role to set, x!mention to disable) - this role will be mentioned/pinged when the daily countdown is sent

  • x!ping Ping pong

  • x!toggle Enable / disable the daily countdown (channel must be set to enable)

  • x!live A link to the live countdown

Support server: https://discord.gg/pXc9vyC

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