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Invite Coin Flipper Bot to your server and use its fun random commands, along with a stats command. Discord Bot.

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Coin Flipper Discord Bot Described:

Some very simple, easy to use "random" commands, along with a fun little stats command.

The Coin Flipper bot’s main purpose is exactly that - flip coins! Depending on your server settings, this allows you to earn money and upgrade your profile and coin, or it just lets you see a nice heads or tails.
Coin Flipper has more than just coins though, you can roll dice - your typical six-sided die, or fantastically unrealistically large dice up to 9999 sides! This can also earn you money to upgrade your profile and coin.
Along with this, Coin Flipper has:
General Commands
/choose - need help with a tough choice? Ask Coin Flipper!
/flippp - fairly flips a coin!
/profile - show yours or other user’s profiles
/set - customize your profile with an image, color, and bio!
/buy - purchase items in the shop - from coin upgrades to profile upgrades, everything is available!
Earning Commands
/daily - a command that lets you earn money each day, that grows depending on your streak
/give - give money to your friends!
/claim - enjoying Coin Flipper? Vote for them here on, and claim a monetary reward!
/stats - show your own or a user’s statistics, including total number of coins flipped, heads landed, tails landed, dice rolled, and commands used!
/gstats - show the total statistics for Coin Flipper since last restart
Server Settings
/configure - want to enable/disable Economy? Toggle embeds? /configure is your friend!

And more features are being added daily, so come hang out, use Coin Flipper, and suggest your ideas in our support server!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Coin Flipper Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Coin Flipper to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Coin Flipper Discord Bot' on this page.

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