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CollabBot is a discord bot that completely automates server collabs! Templates and Giveaways all in one bot, with a ton of Collab related extra features like Auto-Assign Roles and Claim Info!

Our goal is to make the collab system fair and reliable for both the Server Owners and the hard working Collab Managers! We SAVE Server Owners thousands of dollars and create instant membership growth!

We GUARANTEE payment to all the Collab Managers! We are hiring Collab Managers!

Some highlights of the CollabBot:

1️⃣ The CollabBot has it’s own giveaway engine! Since it controls the giveaways we can automate winner validation! Winners no longer need to send screenshot proofs! All you have to do is make a CollabBot call to validate a winner! CollabBot can automate assigning the winners the Whitelisted role! Giveaways designed for collabs with options like autoassign roles and give claim instructions!

2️⃣ Saves hundreds of dollars on duplicate collabs! CollabBot will not run duplicate collabs! When you have several Collab Managers manually posting they can overlap each other and post from the same server! Then you have to pay twice! But NOT with CollabBot!

3️⃣ You set the rules and CollabBot will only give you collabs within your requirements! Like server min member count, min online count, recollab timing and max collabs per day & per week. You control to allow recollabs, set timing and even only recollab if there was more entries then winners!

4️⃣ You setup the template and giveaways! You approve them one time and then you know that they are all the same on EVERY collab post! No more mistakes of missing emojis or creating the giveaway with the wrong settings or prize!

5️⃣ Best collabs rates out there! You ONLY pay $1 USD per collab! BUT the first 25 collabs are ALWAYS FREE! So you can give CollabBot a trial run and get 25 FREE collabs now! Just “Add to Server” and then run the /collab setup command to get started!


Social Accounts:
Twitter - https://twitter.com/thecollabbot
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/collabbot
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/collabbot
Discord - https://discord.gg/3bzUqZXu8b

CollabBot Help Commands:
/collab help
/collabbot help


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