Discord LFG Bots

Find the best Discord LFG Bots for your Discord Server, including Valorant Shop to Anti Raid and more!

Valorant Shop Discord Bot Banner
Valorant Shop Discord Bot Logo

A Discord Bot that can show your In-game valorant shop on your discord account directly without any hassel
Anti Raid Discord Bot Banner
Anti Raid Discord Bot Logo

AntiRaid. The unique and advanced system providing you with effortless security.
bort Discord Bot Banner
bort Discord Bot Logo

Clans | Ranks | Economy | Music | Utility
Apollo Discord Bot Banner
Apollo Discord Bot Logo

All-in-one calendar bot for Discord. Recurring events, magic time zones, event reminders, role based sign-ups, and more!
Brawl Queue Discord Bot Banner
Brawl Queue Discord Bot Logo

Brawl Stars discord bot for guilds. The bot offers features such a Tournaments, Friendly Battles, and Party features!
ScrimBot Discord Bot Banner
ScrimBot Discord Bot Logo

A bot to help create custom VALORANT matches.
AmongUs Matchmaking Discord Bot Banner
AmongUs Matchmaking Discord Bot Logo

A Bot made especially for AmongUs Servers. With Among Us Matchmaking in your server, you'll make matchmaking and LFG much easier for your members
deleted_userac3338d9c317 Discord Bot Banner
deleted_userac3338d9c317 Discord Bot Logo

Xero is an advanced Anti-Nuke discord bot that ensures maximum protection on your server.
Star Wars Mercenaries War Discord Bot Banner
Star Wars Mercenaries War Discord Bot Logo

Star Wars Mercenaries War Game Bot. The game based on a Mercenaries War in the Star Wars universe.
Looking For Gamers Discord Bot Banner
Looking For Gamers Discord Bot Logo

Automated "Looking for Gamers" Bot
anti-harlem Discord Bot Banner
anti-harlem Discord Bot Logo

Invite the bot you wont regret it
LFG Discord Bot Banner
LFG Discord Bot Logo

Discord Bot for event managing and looking for a group
Team Up Discord Bot Banner
Team Up Discord Bot Logo

LFG | LFM | Team Up helps you to find team mates without much effort
NeoN Discord Bot Banner
NeoN Discord Bot Logo

"NeoN", multi-purpose/ administration with integrated AntiRaid system which helps you to protect your server.
Votekick Discord Bot Banner
Votekick Discord Bot Logo

This bot enables users to vote kick users in their voice channel, is highly configurable but does not require any setup to get started.
Team Up Discord Bot Banner
Team Up Discord Bot Logo

Custom Matchmaking and Elo Rating Bot. Create a leaderboard for any game or tournament. Host and join any game across Discord servers.