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A multi-purpose bot with a lot of commands like 8ball, kick, ban, purge, even custom commands! And a lot more.
Command Usage Description
kick [member] [reason] Kicks the member mentioned
unban [userID] [reason] Unbans the member mentioned
rndnum [start] [end] start can be any number, so can end
report [user] [reason] Report someone if they did something bad.
divide [args] -
get_id [atr] -
removeCmd [command] Remove your custom command
iknowpythontoo - -
clear [amount] Clear specific amount of messages in this channel
banIn10 [user] [reason] Fake ban someone!
multiply [args] -
8ball [question] -
meme - -
prefix [prefix] -
enable [mainCommand] -
about-crosslink - -
randomColor - -
uwu [message] Converts your text to UwU
addCmd [command] [args] Add a custom command to your server.
announce [message] -
someone - -
reportBug [bug] Report a bug that you find in the bot
setup [channel] Setup the server for logging
allcmds - -
userid [user] -
help [command] Shows this message
cog-list - Lists all extensions
crosslinks - -
commands [command] Lists all commands in this sevrer
get_object [id] -
spoof [user] -
channid [chan] -
til2021 [timezone] Gives the time until 2021
repeat [user] -
ping - -
disabled [command] Lists all disabled commands in this sevrer
ui [user] Name: The user’s name
fakeOffline [user] -
botCommands - -
disable [mainCommand] -
facts [category] These are all the categories:
follow - Follow Conicals latest news and updates in your server!
talkback [user] Repeats the member’s every message LiKe ThIs ExAmPlE
cmd-count - -
add [args] -
rickroll - -
logging [setting] [value] Change the settings for logging
random-server [invite] -
animal [category] These are all the animals:
subtrackt [args] -
vote - Vote for Conical on It helps the bot and gives you rewards!
info - Gives info about this bot :D
ban [member] [reason] Bans the member mentioned
create_client - -
- - -
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Prefix: . (changable)
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: AUser0#1791
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