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A multi-purpose bot with a lot of commands like 8ball, kick, ban, purge, even custom commands! And a lot more.
You can vote once every 12 hours.
Once you press Upvote, you may be prompted asking if you wish to recieve notifications.
This will remind you in 12 hours that you can vote again!

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Command Usage Description
kick [member] [reason] Kicks the member mentioned
unban [userID] [reason] Unbans the member mentioned
rndnum [start] [end] start can be any number, so can end
report [user] [reason] Report someone if they did something bad.
divide [args] -
get_id [atr] -
removeCmd [command] Remove your custom command
iknowpythontoo - -
clear [amount] Clear specific amount of messages in this channel
banIn10 [user] [reason] Fake ban someone!
multiply [args] -
8ball [question] -
meme - -
prefix [prefix] -
enable [mainCommand] -
about-crosslink - -
randomColor - -
uwu [message] Converts your text to UwU
addCmd [command] [args] Add a custom command to your server.
announce [message] -
someone - -
reportBug [bug] Report a bug that you find in the bot
setup [channel] Setup the server for logging
allcmds - -
userid [user] -
help [command] Shows this message
cog-list - Lists all extensions
crosslinks - -
commands [command] Lists all commands in this sevrer
get_object [id] -
spoof [user] -
channid [chan] -
til2021 [timezone] Gives the time until 2021
repeat [user] -
ping - -
disabled [command] Lists all disabled commands in this sevrer
ui [user] Name: The user’s name
fakeOffline [user] -
botCommands - -
disable [mainCommand] -
facts [category] These are all the categories:
follow - Follow Conicals latest news and updates in your server!
talkback [user] Repeats the member’s every message LiKe ThIs ExAmPlE
cmd-count - -
add [args] -
rickroll - -
logging [setting] [value] Change the settings for logging
random-server [invite] -
animal [category] These are all the animals:
subtrackt [args] -
vote - Vote for Conical on top.gg. It helps the bot and gives you rewards!
info - Gives info about this bot :D
ban [member] [reason] Bans the member mentioned
create_client - -
- - -
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