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Created by: prxvvy#3764
Short link: discord.ly/controversy
A very easy-to-use Discord bot | Moderation | Fun | Management | Auto Role | Logging

Controversy is a very easy-to-use moderation utility bot for your server. Its default prefix is ? (changeable). Type ?help to get a list of all commands, or ?help (command) to get information about a specified command.


  • 24/7/365 uptime.
  • Announcements - Send announcements using Controversy, choose between sending these in an embed or not, ain’t no cool?
  • Logging - Controversy logs any server event, from deleted messages, created emojis, and many more!
  • Auto Role - Non-timed and timed auto role!
  • Moderation - Our advanced moderation module can do a ton. From members’ logs, to warnings over bans and timed mutes. We‘ve got you covered with a lot of commands.
  • Welcome and leave system - Welcome and goodbye your members with a custom message in a server channel of your choice.
  • Fun - Get a random cute pictures of dogs and cats, perhaps their facts, too. Also numbers. Perhaps you are interested on searchin’ for information on a song, perhaps also interested in losing against Controversy at rps. Or wait, what was the weather again?
  • Management - Too many warnings on a user, no worries, we’ve gotcha! Wanna change your server prefix? Of course.
  • Constant development (eh maybe).

So… What are you waiting on to add Controversy to your server and make the best Discord server out there?