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A very easy-to-use Discord bot | Moderation | Fun | Management | Auto Role | Logging

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Controversy is a very easy-to-use Moderation utility bot for your server. Its default prefix is ? (changeable). Type ?help to get a list of all commands, or ?help (command) to get information about a specified command.


  • 24/7/365 uptime.
  • Announcements - Send announcements using Controversy, choose between sending these in an embed or not, ain’t no cool?
  • Logging - Controversy logs any server event, from deleted messages, created emojis, and many more!
  • Auto Role - Non-timed and timed auto role!
  • Moderation - Our advanced moderation module can do a ton. From members’ logs, to warnings over bans and timed mutes. We‘ve got you covered with a lot of commands.
  • Welcome and leave system - Welcome and goodbye your members with a custom message in a server channel of your choice.
  • Fun - Get a random cute pictures of dogs and cats, perhaps their facts, too. Also numbers. Perhaps you are interested on searchin’ for information on a song, perhaps also interested in losing against Controversy at rps. Or wait, what was the weather again?
  • Management - Too many warnings on a user, no worries, we’ve gotcha! Wanna change your server prefix? Of course.
  • Constant development (eh maybe).

So… What are you waiting on to add Controversy to your server and make the best Discord server out there?

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.