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The most easiest Discord Bot To Use. With over 30 fun cmds.Includes Fun, Utitlity, Moderation, And Game cmds! This bot provides the ability to have custom prefixes.
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Cosmic is a bot with over 30 fun cmds moderation and utility commands in addition to many fun and useless commands. In total we have we over 50 commands. New features are still being added all the time! Use -help to get started.

With Cosmic, you can:

• Kick

• Ban

• Mute/Tempmute

• Purge messages

• Snipe Deleted Messages

• Play Rock, Paper, Scissors

• Make the bot say things

• Check the Serverinfo

• Check the info on the bot

• Check the membercount of a specific server

• View any users avatar including yourself

• View memes from Reddit’s own r/funny

• Check the uptime of the bot

• Add and Remove roles using the role command

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.