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Created by: z3cho/Luh#0001
The most easiest Discord Bot To Use. Includes Music, Moderation, Fun, And Game cmds! This bot provides the ability to have custom prefixes.

Cosmic is a bot with moderation and utility commands in addition to many fun and useless commands. New features are still being added all the time! Use -help to get started.

With Cosmic, you can:

• Kick

• Ban

• Mute/Tempmute

• Purge messages

• Snipe Deleted Messages

• Play Rock, Paper, Scissors

• Make the bot say things

• Check the Serverinfo

• Check the info on the bot

• Check the membercount of a specific server

• View any users avatar including yourself

• View memes from Reddit’s own r/funny

• Check the uptime of the bot

• Add and Remove roles using the role command