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Invite Credit Bot Bot to your server and use its powerful Economy commands. Enjoy the simplicity of Credit Bot Discord Bot.

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Credit Discord Bot Described:

Configurable economy bot with many features planned. No paywalls or anything. We keep it simple.
Credit Bot is a new Discord Bot that makes managing a server economy simple and fun. Admins can give and take credits, or whatever you choose to call them, and users can spend them. We are working on automating every aspect of the bot, from getting coins just for being active in the server, to even buying roles and permissions with your credits.


  • Check your own credits or someone elses with c+credits and c+check!
  • Shop command to check what can be bought on the server.*
  • Leaderboard command to see the top 5 users in the server.
  • C+support to get help using the bot.
  • And we’re adding more soon!

Admin Features:

  • To modify a user’s credits, you can use c+modify, or c+random to give them a random amount!
  • Modifyall if you want to give every active user (since the bot was added) some credits.
  • You can also reset a user’s credits and owners can reset the whole server’s economy.
  • Customize your currency name and shop using the modifyshop and modifycurrency commands!
  • If you have any ideas, make sure to tell us! We add new features all the time.

Oh, is that still not enough? Well what if we tell you we have no paywalls! That’s right! All our features are free, and they will always remain free.
Add Credit Bot today! Click invite and make your server more interesting today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Credit Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Credit to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Credit Discord Bot' on this page.

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Created by: Xitharis#0001