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Automatically mute members depending on your game state. No more talking mid-game with this Among Us Utility Bot.
Detailed installation guide

» Read the five-step installation guide

TL;DR installation guide
  1. Invite Crewmate to your server
  2. Check Crewmate role position and put it on top of all other roles
  3. Whitelist a common role, e.g. .whitelist add @Members

Core features:
  • Crewmate automatically mutes all members in a channel when the ‘channel owner’ mutes themself. Enjoy an Among Us experience without talking mid-game!
    • Mute users manually
    • Toggle the feature to “mute all users automatically”
    • Lock a channel to prevent users from joining mid-game
    • Invite users to the channel you claimed and give them access to your channel even if it is locked
    • Kick members from your channel
    • Or even ban them so they will not join again!
Strong built-in permission system:
  • Customize who can claim a channel. Add users, roles and channels to a separate whitelist and configurate everything for your needs
  • Blacklist troublemakers or blacklist a role so they are restricted from claiming any channel
  • Change the whitelist security level for your needs and server size
Need help, found a bug or suggest a feature?

Feel free to join the official support server: discord.gg/qnujKNt
Do not forget to check out the full list of all commands: .help

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.