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A helpful bot that stops the spread of malware and phishing attacks in their tracks.

Started in November of 2021 in response to the epidemic of malware and phishing threats circulating on Discord, this bot was created, and is now actively maintained and audited by a cybersecurity professional.

This bot aims to increase the safety and security of your Discord server (and/or) community, by automatically detecting and neutralizing threats.

This bot scans: messages, URLs, Files, GIFs, embeds, etc. in an effort to detect and remove malicious content.

🔒 🤫 Your data belongs to you. We do not store sensitive information on our systems.

This bot requires the [ADMINISTRATOR] permission to operate properly. This is due to the complexity of the systems involved, and the specific actions the bot takes.

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Created by: Silk#5061
Short link: discord.ly/cyber-security