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Created by: Linh Sama#9132
Hi!Welcome here there is my bot i made for fun. meme, anime, actions. If you like it, just go and invite my bot. Ty! Hope you enjoy it <3.

Welcome Guys

I just created this bot for fun. Here is the bot Website

This bot have a lot Fun commands, you can roleplay with friends like use slap, hug, etc... commands

•website link: https://darling.crayon.world/p/2/

•commands: ABOUT: d!info, d!ping, d!donate.

FUN: d!ship, d!pp, d!meme, d!police, d!howgay, d!ship, d!build, d!soccer, d!phlogo, d!freenitro, d!truth, d!pufferfish, d!twiiter,d!perfect, d!rps, d!hack, d!generator.

IMAGES: d!animecat, d!dog, d!cat, d!duck, d!animepics, d!animewallpapers, d!steve.

SOCIAL: d!wearher, d!gifsearch

ROLE: d!rolecolor

UTILITY: d!avatar, d!servericon, d!userinfo, d!serverinfo.

patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/Darlingbot?fan_landing=true

here is the bot using moment Imgur Imgur imgur