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You want to protect your server from toxic users? Delta is here for you! Delta is a bot for advanced moderation.

Delta is the only bot you need to secure your server from toxic users, bots and raids.
Delta has lot of features against spam.

  • Ban
    You can use it to ban all the users who have sent a specific message in a channel. It can also ban a given list of IDs. And if you want to keep calm, there is also the regular ban command, and of course an unban command.

  • Lock
    Delta can lock/unlock your channels and categories, in case you get raided. Pretty cool, hm?

  • Misc
    There is a also a few commands to et information about your server, other users and the bot.

Δ Have fun with Delta!

Delta is in constant development, an we need developers! You can join the support server if you are interested.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.