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You want to protect your server from toxic users? Delta is here for you! Delta is a bot for advanced moderation.

Delta is the only bot you need to secure your server from toxic users, bots and raids.
Delta has lot of features against spam.

  • Ban
    You can use it to ban all the users who have sent a specific message in a channel. It can also ban a given list of IDs. And if you want to keep calm, there is also the regular ban command, and of course an unban command.

  • Lock
    Delta can lock/unlock your channels and categories, in case you get raided. Pretty cool, hm?

  • Misc
    There is a also a few commands to et information about your server, other users and the bot.

Δ Have fun with Delta!

Delta is in constant development, an we need developers! You can join the support server if you are interested.


Prefix: /
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Hector#6704
Short link: discord.ly/delta-1161