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Created by: Cytech#5860
A simple Discord bot made to make life easier! Show the love.



Disconnect is a new discord bot looking to add something new. Currently, we are always making new and awesome changes to the bot improving performance and new commands weekly. With moderation, utility, fun modules and much more, we try to fit in a general direction bot that focuses on not one thing. We have many ideas we are thinking about adding to the bot as we are always looking for new ways to improve Disconnect. With our most recent rebuild of Disconnect, you should experience a great experience. Please try Disconnect out and give us a little love, we are a small team (1 person) and looking to make more projects in the future but it all depends on the support we get from you guys.


  • Creator & Developers: Cytech Cytech#5860
  • Version: V1.1.4
  • Invite Link: https://bit.ly/invDisconnect
  • Support Server: https://discord.gg/THy4enj


  • Fun and Games
  • Utilities
  • Moderation
  • Integrations
  • Game Statistics
  • and much more..

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