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A Music Bot for Your Server Members to Vibe Out to and Enjoy

Geo Music (formerly Discord Music)


Slash Commands are here:
Try out some Slash Commands by typing out / and Navigate to Discord Music to see more

Geo Music is a Bot Equipped with Music Commands for People to Enjoy without Needing to Pay or Buy Upgrades.

  • It can be used in a variety of Ways
    - Maybe even Parties
    - Or Just General Use

  • It also has some simple commands to express some emotions
    - Like if you just want a Hug
    - Or if You just don’t like that one person

  • Command List:

mp?help - General Help
mp?play (Song Name) - Plays a Song
mp?play (Playlist Link) - Plays a Playlist from YouTube
mp?stop - Stops the Music and Disconnects from the Voice Channel
mp?skip - Skips the Current Song
mp?filter (Filter Name) - Applies a Filter to the Music
mp?w-filters - Lists the Possibly Filters
mp?volume (Volume from 0 to 100) - Raises the Volume or Lowers it
mp?queue - Shows the Queue
mp?clear-queue - Clears the Entire Queue
mp?loop - Loops the Current Song
mp?loop queue - Loops the Entire Queue
mp?shuffle - Shuffles the Queue
mp?search (Song Name) - Searches for a Song on the Internet
mp?pause - Pauses the Song
mp?resume - Resumes the Song

Other Use

mp?debug - Gives Simple Debug Infos
mp?snipe - Snipes the Last Deleted Message
mp?embed (Anonymous [True or False]) (Color [Color in Hex or Color in Decimal]) (Text to Send) - Sends an Embed as a Message
mp?meme - Sends a Meme in the Current Channel
mp?eyebleach - Bleaches your eyes from a Previous Post
mp?aww - Get Some Wholesome Stuff from Animals
mp?smack ([Optional] User Mention) - Smacks someone
mp?hug ([Optional] User Mention) - Hug someone
mp?pat ([Optional] User Mention) - Pat someone
mp?prefix (Custom Prefix) - Set the Server Prefix | NOTE: Requires Administrator Permissions on the User Executing the Command

We would hope to join you in your fun activities with Geo Music :)

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.