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Add Animated emojis without nitro, Custom and Log everything, Moderate easily, Play casino

?h for help

Add Animated Emojis Without Nitro

• list of useful animated emojis to add without nitro :

Exemples : customEmoji customEmoji customEmoji customEmoji

Customize :

• Welcome & Leave Message (color,message,emoji,ect..)

• All commands colors (casino,logs,mute,ban,kick)


Moderate :

• set everything where you want (logs,casino,bot channel,ect...)

• mute,tempmute

• clear

• kick

• ban


Logs : • Nothing will escape from your eyes log any bot command

• change the color of your logs

• change the placement of your logs as you want


Fun :

• full casino commandlist (work,crime,bet,steal,gift)

• customize casino color and placement