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Send "announcements" from your server to others without paying for Discord's developer license.

Have you ever seen store channels on a popular Discord server? They’re the channels with the loudspeaker icon. If you’ve seen it, you’ve probably noticed you can follow it and get things sent there into your server. However, you need to pay for the developer’s licence.

So, we’ve created Dispatcher: a bot that allows you to send embeds to your “subscribers.” Subscribers are people who follow your announcements and get all the announcements you post.
What’s better, we try to focus on making things as simple and usable as possible: only a few premium features for low prices. With a simple to use dashboard that feels like Discord, you’ll be able to send announcements in no time.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: a!
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Created by: Space Noah [? 15 days]#2990
Short link: discord.ly/dispatcher